GoDaddy Coupon code

Hi I just wanna share this coupon code for you and I think you’re
need it very much, because there are so many blogger and internet
marketer need new domain for their websites and blog, and fortunately
GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar on this planet, so here the
coupon codes;

Coupon Code: gdr0607pl

Save 30% off any order.

Expires: 6/25/2009

More codes go to blog network


~ oleh indr@ pada Juni 18, 2009.

2 Tanggapan to “GoDaddy Coupon code”

  1. The code you have listed expires in a few days, and other codes (any Godaddy code that ends in 1,2,or 3) expired days ago on June 16th. As a regular reader I know that other people take advantage of these codes on a weekly basis, so I wanted to make sure you get the info out to all the site visitors in time.

    The new official coupon codes to take advantage of are:
    ZINE7 – $7.49 .com domains (and renewals too)
    ZINE6 – 10% off whatever
    ZINE5 – $5 off $30

    The Zine godaddy coupons are going to be working through July 2010, so please feel free to reblog these new coupons. I know a good deal of online people and internet marketers that type domain based Internet marketing tactics for getting backlinks, wordpress affiliate stores, etc. I’ve looked all around and these are the best coupons out there for .com domains, domain name renewals or any other web development need.

    I will be getting new Zine godaddy coupon codes straight from the source soon that have different special offers tied to them. I’ll make sure to stop back and post it.

  2. Hi.
    I just have recieved new list with Godaddy Coupons I i wanned to share it with you.
    IAPt3 10% off from any order
    IAPtfif1 15% off from $75 order
    IAPtft1 $5 off from $30 order
    IAPtdom1 .com domain for $7.49
    IAPth1 20% off from hosting order

    Here is my complete list with coupons:
    Godaddy Coupon

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